Why should I go for the IELTS?

If entering a top foreign university is in your mind and you are serious about attaining global-level education to elevate your academics and hence career prospects – then IELTS has to be your first major milestone to conquer!

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a worldwide recognized English proficiency test taken into consideration by the top universities and colleges for admission purposes. Along with study pursuits, this test is also a very important part of the immigration process wherein the government bodies follow certain criteria and cut-offs for further evaluation.

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What are the different tests in IELTS?

There are mainly four modules involved in an IELTS exam:

– Listening

– Reading

– Writing

– Speaking

The purpose of these modules is to test the applicant’s understanding and familiarity levels with the English language from all facets. These modules are crucial for the applicants to excel as they are aiming to become a part of a full-fledged English-speaking country and institution where they will be needed to grasp not only the language but the accent and context as well.

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Who curates the questions in an IELTS examination?

There are designated language specialists who prepare the questions for this test. These experts majorly belong to English-speaking nations like the USA, Australia, the UK, New Zealand, and Canada.