AP Tests in Dubai

An advanced placement test allows a high school student to have an edge over other students at the time of college admission. Unlike SAT’s which are compulsory for college admissions and have a limited number of subjects, AP tests are optional and cover a wide range of subjects.

AP tests are measured on a scale of 1-5, a high enough score will earn the student college credit and also allow him/her to skip introductory courses in college. An AP test entails advanced and detailed studying of specific subjects and is designed to measure how well you’ve mastered the content and skills of a specific AP course. AP Exams are given every year in May. Learn more about AP exam classes in Dubai.

Advanced Placement test are designed to give you the experience of an intro-level college class while you’re still in high school. You can take up these special high school courses that can earn you college credit and/or qualify you for more advanced classes when you begin college. This preps you for college and helps ease your transition from high school senior to first-year college student.

One can strengthen their transcript with AP scores and can also demonstrate real academic interest for a certain subject. Choosing a subject that you are interested in will help you commit to the workload and show your passion for the subject.

Bottom line being, AP classes can boost your GPA, strengthen your college application and even help you save on college tuition! As you can skip introductory classes relevant to your AP subject scores.

Taking an AP class is great prep for acing the corresponding AP test. Our AP tutors can give you a hand with your class work and make the process easy for you. We at Excelligenz provide AP training classes in Dubai that can guide you with which AP subjects to opt for and get you the headstart you need!