Thousands of SAT test-takers across the globe are struggling to figure out a way to boost their reading scores. For those students who are constantly scoring between 300 and 500, there are few strategies that will definitely raise their scores. Reading comprehensions on the SAT can be an intimidating experience for many students as majority of them find reading passages quickly as a hard task to achieve. But one must not forget that one’s SAT score reflect on how hard and how smart one has prepared. SAT preparation is not a mere cake-walk; it requires 100% dedication and hard-work to ace the test. SAT test is cleverly crafted and structured to test the students’ ability to pick out one single, right answer choice out of the four. This is a challenge for most of them as the answer choices usually sound good to go with. The first important step to undertake during SAT preparation is to prepare for it in the right way and understand the tricks and traps used by the College Board. During the time of SAT preparation, students must learn the different types of questions that appear on the test, learn the strategies to do these question-types and finally, practise as many as real SAT questions to master it. In this article, we will list down 5 simple strategies to improve your low SAT scores.

  • Read the Passage Intro

Begin the reading test by reading the passage introduction given at the beginning to understand the author’s tone as well as the historical context. This helps the students to understand the basic setting of the passage they are going to answer.



  • Never Waste on Reading Passages

This seems to be a major issue faced by most test-takers. The SAT passages are usually 80-100 lines long and there are only 10-11 questions per passage. Students must not waste their time reading the passages closely. It is highly recommended to go through the questions and then go back into the passage to pick out the right answer choice.


  • Process of Elimination

Out of the 4 answer choices on the test, only one is right and there is something wrong with the other three choices. But, the College Board has designed the test questions and answers to trick the students. It is quite difficult for the students to understand the correct choice as one or two answers sound right. Students can easily eliminate choices that are not mentioned in the passage as well as that are beyond the scope of the passage. A careful scrutiny of the part of the text being tested will help you rule out the last wrong choice too.

  • Predict the answers

Try to predict the answer before reading the answer choices. The answer choices are structured in order to confuse the students. If students are successful in coming up with logical answers, they can cleverly out-smart the biases in the SAT answer choices. Students may also refer to the line number in the passage before reading the answer choice. This is to ensure that the passage must support the chosen answer choice.


  • Understand and Rectify the Mistakes

Finally, it is important that students understand the mistakes they make in order to attain the perfect SAT score. If you fail to do this, the mistakes can recur again. If there is any question on the test that you are not 100% sure off, you must mark it and have a deep understanding about such question types. It is essential that after every test students must review each incorrect as well as marked question.

By following these simple strategies for your SAT preparation, you can definitely raise your scores.

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