SAT Prep Classes in Dubai

SAT, an exam taken by lots of students, one of the standardized tests when you wish to apply to a university abroad. It assesses college readiness by measuring math, verbal and reasoning skills. It does measure knowledge, but it also tests a student’s ability to think critically, and apply the knowledge in a practical way.

So to put it simply – it is a competitive exam, which is of utmost importance to most students. And while SAT test course preparation in Dubai is going on – here are a few mistakes you must avoid while studying, to be better prepared!

  • Starting too late: You know you need to give the exam, start when you have the time. Don’t rush with the preparations, or you will be far behind. This is an exam that requires you to think logically and apply practically, so keep doing prep SATs to know where you stand, and give yourself time to climb up the ladder.
  • Choose SAT drill and kill test prep: This might help you prepare for the exam, but not beyond that. You can give practice test after test, just drilling each type of question – but you won’t be able to master the underlying skills for the SAT test course preparation.
  • Not managing your time well: Ineffective pacing with poor time management is a killer. While there are moments you feel stressed and move quickly, you might actually end up making bigger mistakes in due course. So time yourselves, pace out effectively and you’ll be good to go.
  • Skipping your strength: While you might feel it’s obvious to work on your weakness – it’s also important to focus on your strengths in the SAT test. If you only practice on your weakness, you risk faltering on your strengths given you haven’t practiced enough.
  • Cramming at the end: Don’t cram up everything just before the exam. Cramming will only increase stress and decrease performance.

Last but not the least, don’t shy away from asking for help. It is an important exam which will set the course of your future, and there are many SAT test course preparation in Dubai, like Excelligenz, who are reliable and offer the best preparation methods.