The SAT test is a standardized admissions test coined by the College Board. Students must ensure a good score on the test in order to be admitted into the top colleges. With the revision of SAT, both the verbal and the math sections can be intimidating to the test-takers as students are test on their logical and reasoning abilities, data interpretation and graphs, algebra and solving equations, and realistic questions as prompts. In order to crack the NEW SAT Test, students must revamp the study plan. The key to a near perfect score is redefining the style of preparation. Before the students begin to prepare for the SAT, it is important that every student understands the basic factors that underlies it: learning the logic of the test, studying the content and practicing the questions.

It is essential that while preparing for the test the student needs to understand the test format and the test content. In addition, students should realise that the questions on the SAT reading section are designed to confuse the students. Preparation on the SAT should initially focus on understanding the types of questions, methods to solve and more practice on each question type. While preparing for the test, it is important to review the questions. This helps the students to understand their mistakes. Rectification of your own mistakes can simply help you improve your SAT scores. A timed-practice test is another way of improving your confidence as well as reduces your anxieties over the test. Students must set aside a certain amount of time on a daily basis to prepare for the test. This will enable students to have enough time to solve as many practice tests as possible before the test date.

5 Simple Test Strategies:

  • Identify your weaknesses and strengths. This is essential to distribute your study time wisely.
  • Make a study plan before you start SAT preparation. Try to strictly follow the plan without fail.
  • Solve different types of questions that appear frequently on the SAT test.
  • Practice questions under test conditions. This helps you prepare to sit for 4 hours on the test date,
  • Getting adequate sleep and eating healthy is essential for stable physical health and proper brain functioning.

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